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Urban Landscape Photography Tips (contd..)

Tip 201 (Building material): Shooting a building just does not mean shooting the glass facade (everbody does that). Look out for a sight such as digging of the foundations where a huge hole is made in the ground and then pile-drivers dig those holes for laying the foundation pillars.

Tip 202 (During construction): During construction of a building, you can get several human interest photos such as construction workers looking small at heights, or a group of workers with their hats nodding over a plan, or a worker taking a snooze at one corner. If you have a good zoom and are lucky, you can get shots of drops of sweat falling off the faces of tired workers.

Tip 203 (Look for symmetry, look for lines): The human eye is drawn to lines, but nature rarely makes straight lines or circles, or regular geometric patterns. It is mankind who has made these lines, and you should look to see how you can capture such straight lines in a urban setting. It could be a line of skyscrapers standing straight together, or it could be the tops of buses or trains running perpendicular to the upline of a building.

Tip 204 (Distance view): It seems an old shot of doing a distance shot of a city skyline, but it can be difficult to do, and if done well, can look real great. The difficulty is in trying to get a slightly higher vantage point from where you can get a good shot of the entire city / area.

Tip 205 (Look for contrasts in the area): Especially in the eastern part of the globe such as China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, etc, it is quite easy to find buildings that are a great contrast from each other; such as a modern building with a traditional building (including colors, tapestry, etc) right next door. If done well, can get a great shot of these 2 styles in one photo.

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