May 2009
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Urban Landscape Photography Tips (contd)

Tip 196 (Difference between new and old): Look out for contrasts, something that can be present in an urban area. As an example, you could have a run-down lot right next to a sparkling building – the contrast (if you can capture both of them) makes for a very powerful photo.

Tip 197 (Take your time): A city or a town presents endless situations for photos. Take your time in walking through localities, reading about the city where you want to shoot, looking at what others have shot to see that you don’t do something that has been shot to death already.

Tip 198 (Sun in the morning): Morning shots have another advantage for cities in the tropics; the sun can be very harsh in the daytime and may not give you those effects you are looking for in photos. In contrast, cities in colder regions will have very poor sun-lit lighting conditions in the morning, and you may need to wait for late morning or afternoon.

Tip 199 (Plan your shots based on weather): Be sure to consult the local weather before planning a shoot. It may turn out that you have planned a lot of shooting, and the forecast is windy or rainy, and it would be mighty inconvenient, no matter whether you are doing a professional shoot or are just going out to shoot as an amateur.

Tip 200 (Shoot the evolution of a building): A great looking building can be a treat to shoot. However, a photo essay of the stages of construction of a building will add value to your shots (even though it will mean more calendar time to take these shots).

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