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More camera options / modes

Tip 211 (Shooting modes – Single, Burst, Timer): Nowadays, cameras are starting to show different camera modes such as Single shot, Burst, and Timer modes (many cameras combine the timer mode with a remote mode as well). Burst mode is used for taking a single shot (one photo is taken at a time), and would be the default mode for most photos.

Tip 212 (Burst mode): Earlier tips have explained this, but can repeat. Burst mode is useful for capturing events such as sports, or other fast moving items. Burst mode captures multiple photos (3/5/more) when the shutter butter is kept pressed. Useful to capture multiple photos, giving you a better chance to get the exact photo you want.

Tip 213 (Timer mode): There are 2 prime reasons for using the timer mode. Reason # 1. If you need to take a self-portrait, or a photo of you and your significant other and can’t find somebody else to take the photo, or are in a group and want all of them to appear in the same photo, then use the timer mode (most cameras have the option of 2/10 seconds, and very few cameras have the option of both).

Tip 214 (Avoiding shake and timer mode): There are many cases where you need the camera to be absolutely rock solid and not shaking (such as taking a macro shot). Even when you put the camera on a tripod, just pressing the button for taking the photo can cause it to shake and destroy the photo, so you use the timer. Thus, when you press the shutter release, the camera takes the photo only after 10 seconds, by which time the shake of the camera has died down.

Tip 215 (Reading the manual): Cameras that are available nowadays have many more options that earlier cameras, to the extent that the buttons at the back give the same feeling that trying to program the VCR many years back used to feel (you start getting confused by the multiple options available). In such cases, the manual is your friend, and make sure that you have the manual available to quickly reference when required.

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