April 2009
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Urban Landscape Photography Tips

Tip 186 (Photographing Buildings): Photography of iconic buildings can produce some great results, but keep in mind that a lot of people have gone down the same path, and it may be difficult to get unique photos. Look for different perspectives, looks for photos from different positions; that is how you can make a mark.

Tip 187 (Under construction buildings): Photography of buildings lead to some great effects. However, keep in mind that there is another timing when you can take some photos – a time when the building is under construction. The steel and concrete structure of a building under construction, along with people doing their efforts lead to photos that present a stark, hard perspective (and can have a great appeal)

Tip 188 (When to shoot photos): Getting crowd photos always have appeal. If you have a large number of people in the crowd going around their regular business (looking busy and moving fast), along with hawkers and vehicles, and if you can introduce a certain amount of blur, the effect looks great.

Tip 189 (Morning photos): Shooting photos early in the morning gives a different perspective. In most cities, the street cleaning happens early in the morning, and you can get a view of those efforts. In addition, you do not get other activities, and get a view of the city with a lesser number of people getting in the way of your photos, so explore the option of taking photos earlier in the morning.

Tip 190 (Buildings at sunrise): Sunrise has a lot of colors, and for a few minutes, the orange and yellow hues are incredible. It is not only nature that benefits from these colors, but buildings with a lot of glass that reflect these colors in many ways. Similar, bridges with colors of the sky give good photos.

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