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Urban Landscape Photography Tips (contd..)

Tip 191 (Check out legal rights): In some cases, photography of private buildings may need permission. Be sure to check out whether photography of the inside of the building is allowed before doing the shooting. In most cases, if shooting private property, ask politely for a model release, and the chances are good that you will get the required permission.

Tip 192 (Photography of bridges and other structures): Bridges (whether they are old ones or modern ones) can be very beautiful to shoot. If you shoot from a close range, then you get details of the structure and building; if you shoot from a distance, you get a perspective of how the bridge fits into the overall surroundings.

Tip 193 (Shooting at night with water): Some of the most equisite photos that you can see in cities is that of shooting at night with water in the picture. The light from the buildings reflect in the water, and looks incredibly beautiful. Remember, you need to have a tripod.

Tip 194 (Shoot at close range): When you see historical buildings, such as a whole range of buildings in London, or the ruins of many historical structures, be sure to go in close for some short distance photos. These photos show the architecture of the building in close up.

Tip 195 (Be aware of the surroundings): Remember, a building, or any other structure in an urban setting sometimes becomes much more beautiful when you can see the setting around it, and capture it accordingly. So, for example, when you consider a bridge hanging over a deep gorge, be sure to capture a photo of the bridge with sections of the surrounding gorge so that the sheer height of the bridge is visible.

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