March 2009
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Tips for landscape photography

Tip 171 (Deriving the sense of scale): You take a photo of a big rock in the distance; however, when you look at the photo later (or somebody else looks at it), they do not get the same feeling of awe and grandeur that you do. How can you change your photo for this kind of effect. The answer is in terms of showing a contrast. If you show a man / woman at the base of a structure, or a road at the bottom of a large hill, or something similar, then you realize the overall size, and that should be the objective of a photo.

Tip 172 (Human eye and center of interest): The human eye is drawn to objects that seem different or prominent, and that is what you should try. Frame your photo such that the object you want to present is the pre-eminent object in the photo, and there are no distractions.

Tip 173 (Flash in landscapes): More for point and shoot people. If you are shooting a landscape, and don’t even realize that your flash is on, then you flash can screw you up if the climate if dusty, foggy, or full of water particles. The flash reflects off these objects, and become the prominent object in your photo, destroying the objects in the distance that you wanted to capture.

Tip 174 (Look for different views): Everybody shoots the photo of the lake, or the setting sun, or of snow-capped mountains in the distance. Look for something different, such as the light off the sun reflecting off the ice on a mountain top, or of a number of boats on the lake that form a pattern, or something that is not so common-place.

Tip 175 (Experiment with changing your position): The previous tip was about taking different photos. One way to do this is to take a different vantage position; such as taking a photo from the ground level (or from the grass level), or you can try circling around to take photos from different points. The idea is that you should have an open mind.

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