March 2009
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Macro Photography Tips (contd..)

Tip 156 (Clean background, no clutter): When taking a macro photo, remember that your aim is to ensure that viewers see the main object. Towards this, the background should be free of any striking object that draws the attention of viewers (it helps that the background will be blurred in a macro photograph). Even a change of colors at the background could distract users.

Tip 157 (Using the desired background): If you are not able to control the background, then you use can try and keep a white sheet or something similar that atleast ensures that the background is not jarring.

Tip 158 (Foreground clutter): This is a situation that you would not normally run into. Suppose you are trying to take a photo of a flower, but a twig comes in the way of the photo, it could really spoil the photo. You need to be careful that no foreground object comes in the way.

Tip 159 (Exposure metering): Even though you may be shooting in RAW, it is best to see whether you can get the exposure correct. When using metering, you need to be careful that bright background don’t spoil the metering. If necessary, use exposure bracketing.

Tip 160 (Choosing the right subjects): For shooting macro, you get the best effect if you are shooting bright colorful objects, such as flowers, insects, etc. Bright colors, contrasting colors, can make the photo very striking. Increasing the saturation also increases the beauty of the photos (in most cases).

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