March 2009
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Macro Photography shooting tips (contd..)

Tip 151 (Read about the minimum distance): When shooting macros without using a specialist macro lens, be sure to review the manual. Every camera has a minimum distance specified for macro mode shooting, and is typically unable to focus when the distance between the lens and object is shorter than that distance.

Tip 152 (Using specialist lens): If you have a Digital SLR, and want to take a lot of macro shots, consider either buying or borrowing a macro lens (and a tripod). Using a specialist macro lens gives you some great shots.

Tip 153 (Composition rules such as the Rule of Thirds): In macro mode, you should be ready to ignore the Rule of Thirds for composition. Let the object fill the frame to present a vivid picture, but be ready to try the composition as you feel suitable. As an example, if you are shooting a flower from one side, then you should be ready to compose such that the flower flows from one side to another.

Tip 154 (Diffusing the flash): If you really want to use the macro mode in your point and click cameras, and the light conditions need you to use the camera’s flash, try to diffuse the light of the flash and make it less harsh by using either a thin white paper or a piece of cellotape over the flash.

Tip 155 (Some other flash setups): If you have the option to decide the flash setup that you want to use, then try and use options such as ring flash or a two-flash, lens-mounted setup. In addition, for backlight you can use something such as a pocket slave, or even a white cardboard.

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