March 2009
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Macro Photo Shooting tips (contd..)

Tip 146 (It’s about technique): A lot of people believe that you can only get good macro shots if you have a Digital SLR, and other equipment. Good equipment fits the ‘sufficient, but not necessary’ condition. I have seen some great macro shots using a good point and shoot camera, where the photographer used good technique (including using a tripod).

Tip 147 (Wind and macro shooting): Sometimes you see some great flowers (maybe with a bee or other insect in them), and think a macro shot would lood great. And no doubt it would, but keep in mind that for outdoor shots, a hint of wind could move the flower enough that the Depth of Field comes into play and you are not able to take the required shot. You need to be patient.

Tip 148 (For cases where there is wind): if you want to shoot macros of flowers, and there is wind, patience won’t take you too far if it is a windy or rainy day. What can you possibly do ? Stake the stem of the flower, ask somebody to hold the stem, whatever it takes to achieve some stillness. Also, try and shoot with as fast of a shutter speed as possible.

Tip 149 (Review photos, especially for macro shots): With macro shots, you might see the image looking good on the LCD of the camera, but when you take to the computer you realize that the photo is very slightly blurred, enough that it is of no further use to you. Be sure to take plenty of photographs so that you have a better chance of getting a good one.

Tip 150 (Using the zoom on the camera LCD): A lot of people (who are not experts) do not realize that the camera enables some good review of photos shot. So, when you are reviewing your photos on the camera LCD, go into as much zoom as possible to do the most optimum review.

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