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Landscape Photography Tips (contd..)

Tip 181 (Varying your Depth of Field): I have repeated this in previous tips, but it is important to repeat again, especially for landscape photos. For most landscape photos, you would want all the elements of your photo to be in focus (whether they be a nearby tree or mountains in the distance). For this purpose, the aperture setting needs to be as high as possible (I have found the f/22 works well for this purpose)

Tip 182 (Changing focus setting): There is an exception to the above rule; in case there is an item in the landscape that needs to be solely in focus and the rest of the photo to be in a soft focus.

Tip 183 (Get feedback about the photos): It is always useful to get feedback regarding your photos. Ask people, post photos on the internet in different locations, soliciting feedback from users. You might get some junk, but you will also get a lot of useful feedback from experienced users.

Tip 184 (Looking for a place to draw user attention): The human eye is drawn to something striking in the photograph. This can be something as simple as a strong tree, or a group of rocks, or a great building; anything which draws the eye of the users. Give people a point of interest that they can get into.

Tip 185 (Colors of the sky): The sky can make a great addition to the photo. If you have a sky full of colors, then it makes a great addition to the photo. However, if the sky is dull or featureless, then you should extend the horizon line upwards in the photo so that less of the sky is visible.

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  • Max Stewart

    Hello, you have great tips. I look foward to learning what you have to share. The more information one has the better. Thank you for sharing. Max

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