March 2009
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How to protect your sensor from dust

So you bought a new Digital SLR, and very proud of your new camera. Well, you should also learn how to ensure the long life of your camera, including the several components in it. One of the common problems that can happen to somebody not careful is getting dust on the sensor. Newer cameras come with sensor cleaners, but it is also necessary that you also do the effort to prevent dust getting on the sensor.

1. Understand that dust getting into the camera will reduce the quality of the photos.
2. Dust can easily get into the camera when the lenses are being changed, so you need to take a series of steps to be careful.
3. Never change the lenses when the climate is dusty or sandy, or there is a wind blowing.
4. Whenever possible, make sure that you change your lenses in a sheltered environment, this could be in a room or inside a vehicle
5. When changing lenses, keep the camera pointed downwards, this ensures that any dust falling down will not get inside the open lens part of the camera
6. Make sure that the time taken for changing the lens is minimal, that is, do not leave the camera open for long
7. There are many methods available to clean the sensor of dust – read up on them, but do not experiment yourself if you don’t know how

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