March 2009
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Composition and lighting tips

Tip 166 (Composition, lighting and focus): If there are 3 items that make a great photograph, then it is getting the right settings for composition, lighting and focus in a photo.

Tip 167 (Using manual controls vs. automatic): All cameras have automatic controls, and using automatic controls work pretty well in many cases; but it is essential that if you are interested in learning about photography, you learn using the manual controls of focus and lighting (exposure).

Tip 168 (Using sun for photography): The sun makes one of the most ideal source of light in a photo (except in the controlled environment of a studio); however, you should learn how the sun can affect your photo. Direct blinding sun throws very short shadows, and causes a lot of over-powering light in the photo that can make the photo seem washed out in a lot of cases.

Tip 169 (Effect of direct sun on portraits): So you have the whole family or group of friends all ready, all you need to do is to a photo. However, it is intense outside with the sun at full fury. What does this do to your photo ? It can ruin the photo. The glare of the sun causes people to squint their eyes, standing still makes people uncomfortable and maybe sweaty, and some of this uncomfortable nature shows in the photos. Either these photos should be in the shade, or when the sun is not so hot.

Tip 170 (Best time for shooting with respect to the sun): As the previous tip mentioned, if you are in a climate where the sun being directly overhead makes it difficult to shoot photos, then the best time to shoot photos is either the morning or evening. In addition to lower sun and yet enough light, you can also get some beautiful hues in the sky.

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