March 2009
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Landscape Photography Tips (contd..)

Tip 181 (Varying your Depth of Field): I have repeated this in previous tips, but it is important to repeat again, especially for landscape photos. For most landscape photos, you would want all the elements of your photo to be in focus (whether they be a nearby tree or mountains in the distance). For this […]

Landscape Photography Tips (contd..)

Tip 176 (Shutter Release): Not too many photographers are coversant with the idea of a shutter release. However, a good shutter release allows you to make sure that the physical pressure of clicking the shutter button does not wobble the camera (important when the lighting conditions are not bright, and your shutter speed is not […]

Tips for landscape photography

Tip 171 (Deriving the sense of scale): You take a photo of a big rock in the distance; however, when you look at the photo later (or somebody else looks at it), they do not get the same feeling of awe and grandeur that you do. How can you change your photo for this kind […]

Composition and lighting tips

Tip 166 (Composition, lighting and focus): If there are 3 items that make a great photograph, then it is getting the right settings for composition, lighting and focus in a photo.

Tip 167 (Using manual controls vs. automatic): All cameras have automatic controls, and using automatic controls work pretty well in many cases; but it […]

How to protect your sensor from dust

So you bought a new Digital SLR, and very proud of your new camera. Well, you should also learn how to ensure the long life of your camera, including the several components in it. One of the common problems that can happen to somebody not careful is getting dust on the sensor. Newer cameras come […]