February 2009
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5 Photo Tips as of 06 Feb 2009

Tip 131 (Shooting landscapes and Depth Of Field): How often have you shot a pretty landscape, and then found that although your eye could see objects at varying distances sharply, the image you got had some sharp areas, and some blurred ones ? Well, this is a detail you need to control through your Depth of Field (DOF). Use a smaller aperture, >8 to shoot landscapes such that objects (including closer trees, distant mountains, and much further clouds) are all sharp.

Tip 132 (What is burst mode): Burst mode (not present in a lot of cameras) is when you can shoot multiple photos in a very short period of time. This is a feature common on higher end DSLR’s, but less so on point and shoot cameras. So, on a Panasonic Lumix camera that I had, when you kept the shutter button pressed, the camera would take 3 photos in quick succession.

Tip 133 (Burst mode and photos): Burst mode is useful when you cannot predict the next event. Say you try the photo when a basketball shot is about to drop into the basket; you will soon find that in some cases, the camera could not catch the exact event you wanted. However, if you had shot 3 photos in burst mode, there was a higher chance of getting just the exact shot you wanted.

Tip 134 (Burst mode and portraits): You would think that a portrait where a person is standing / sitting still does not really need a burst mode. Well, that should be correct, unfortunately, a human cannot still like a robot, totally still. A person figets, and for outside photos, there could be a sudden gust of wind that disturbs the hair or touches the face, and hence shooting a higher number of quick photos in burst mode is useful even for portraits.

Tip 135 (Problems with burst mode): There is one major problem with burst mode as well. When shooting regularly with burst mode, make sure that you do the clean up as well regularly. You need to select the desired photos and delete the others, or you will end up in a situation where you have a huge number of photos and it gets more difficult to find the photos you actually want.

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