February 2009
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5 photos tips as of 07 Feb 2009

Tip 136 (Flash and burst mode): Another problem with burst mode is regarding the flash. If you are shooting in broad daylight and do not need a flash, then you have no issue. However, if you are shooting in a light condition where you need a flash, most flashes will not be able to keep […]

5 Photo Tips as of 06 Feb 2009

Tip 131 (Shooting landscapes and Depth Of Field): How often have you shot a pretty landscape, and then found that although your eye could see objects at varying distances sharply, the image you got had some sharp areas, and some blurred ones ? Well, this is a detail you need to control through your Depth […]

Camera modes (P/A/M/S)

Tip 126 (Program Mode): Typically marked as ‘P’ mode on the camera, this is the exposure mode for a person who is letting the camera handle exposure settings. In this case, it is the camera that checks the current exposures and sets the Shutter Speed and Aperture (Width of opening). ‘Program/ mode is the only […]

5 Photo Tips as of 05 Feb 2009

Tip 121 (What is the RAM Buffer?): Many cameras have enhanced functionality such as Burst mode or shooting of movies (not all cameras have them though). The technology for these is based on using the Random Access Memory on the camera. What happens is that the camera can write to the random access memory much […]