January 2009
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5 tips for camera safety

Tip 111 (Damage to cameras): What are the common elements that cause the most damage to cameras ? These are humidity, water, moisture, dust, and sand. Any of these can cause damage to the camera insides, including the lens elements.

Tip 112 (Water protection): Most cameras (unless their bodies are specified as water resistant) are not meant to be used in rain, or in water bodies. Do not make the mistake of thinking that some water on your camera is fine.

Tip 113 (Using plastic bags): If you are going to be shooting in cold weather and then moving to the comfort of your heated vehicle, then beware of condensation forming on the inside of your camera. Immediately put your camera inside a air-tight bag (after squeezing out all the air from inside the bag). Now if condensation does form, it will be on the outside of the bag.

Tip 114 (Shooting in rain): 2 options. You can get actual camera rain protection equipment, or you can improvise by cutting a small hole inside a large plastic bag (so that the end of the lens can show through this hole) and then put your hands and the camera inside the plastic bag.

Tip 115 (Protection against humidity): If you are shooting in areas where the humidity level is high (during rain, near the sea, etc), then keep small saches of silica gel with you. These act as great absorbing material and reduce the amount of humidity that your camera is exposed to.

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