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5 photo tips as of 15 December 2008

Tip 106 (Self-timer / remote): You are travelling with your loved ones, and want to take a group photo, but are not able to find somebody who can take such a photo. One easy way of doing this is by using either the timer function found in cameras, or by using the remote control (wherever available)

Tip 107 (Using rocks / walls, etc): When you need to take a photo where a tripod is needed, and don’t have one, explore the use of other implements such as placing the camera on rocks / tables / books / walls to achieve the stability required.

Tip 108 (Getting a tripod): When buying a tripod, one of the important features is the stability of the tripod. There are cheaper tripods available that are light, but you will find in certain cases, the required stability is not available if the tripod is too light.

Tip 109 (Buying a tripod): A tripod has a number of joints and extensions, so make sure that you are sure that your tripod is fully operative (all the parts work properly) and you know the various extensions / movements possible in your tripod.

Tip 110 (Landscapes): A tripod may seem heavy and inconvenient, but remember that in a lot of landscapes and sunset situations, there is never enough light and hence you need to keep the shutter open for longer periods. In such cases, without a tripod you will not be able to take those photos.

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