December 2008
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5 photo tips as of 14 December 2008

Tip 101 (Composing your photos): One good way of seeing the overall composition of the photos is by imagining a small square white paper in the center of your frame, and you can see all around it. Does what you are seeing look good ?

Tip 102 (Zone System): The Zone System was a technique created by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer in 1941. It provides a thorough way to define the relationship between what they see when visualizing, and the final results. (click to learn more)

Tip 103 (White Balance): When doing any course, you would have heard of White Balance, and the need to have a correct White Balance. So what does it mean ? White Balance is a term used for correcting photos that have color casts that can make the photo look not as the way you shot it. White Balance is used for adjusting for images where the color temperature of a light source (the relative warmth) can add additional colors to a photo. Learn more (click)

Tip 104 (GIMP, free editing software): Not everyone can afford to purchase Photoshop for manipulating and editing their photos; a good free alternative is called GIMP (link)

Tip 105 (Techniques): Most people despair when they see photos that they have clicked, which did not turn out well. However, except when photos are heavily over or under exposed, or when they are out of focus, use of softwares such as Photoshop can help a lot. If you are serious about photography, then learning common tricks and techniques is a must.

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