November 2008
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5 photo tips while shooting a panorama (contd..)

Tip 71 (Moody weather): You may like moody weather (overcast, windy, rainy, drizzling), and may want to get the different touch that you get in photos with moody weather. However, panoramas also need consistency in all the segments that go into making a panorama. With multiple photos making up a panorama, it is very much possible that this moody weather results in light and darkness inconsistencies across the panorama.

Tip 72 (Axis of rotation): While shooting photos that form part of a panorama, you need to maintain the axis of rotation. What does this mean ? This means that as you swivel around 360 degrees to take shots, the camera should be the point which turns. Typically people turn around to take the shots, which means that the camera does not remain still and also does a short circle. This can distort some of the photos.

Tip 73 (Using the software): Most graphics softwares have panorama functionality built into them, where you provide a list of images in sequential order, and the software builds the panorama. Make sure that you use it after reading the manual / Help so that you don’t miss out on any of the required steps.

Tip 74 (Using the software tools): When the panorama has been generated, take a good critical look at the generated image. You may need to use some tools for removing some problems, such as using the clone stamping tool.

Tip 75 (Use camera panorama tips): Many cameras have partial support for panoramas built in. in the panorama mode, there are guidelines that emerge near the 2 sides of the camera LCD screen or the viewfinder, and these allow you to properly move from one image to another, while doing the necessary overlapping of the segments.

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