November 2008
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5 photo tips for photos of animals

Tip 81 (Patience while shooting animals): You need lots of patience while trying to take photographs of animals. This stands whether you need to take photos of domestic animals or of animals in the wild. To repeat, this requires great patience, perseverance and at the least, some understanding of animal behaviour. This helps you predict how these animals are likely to act or react, and anticipate the moment for a good photograph.

Tip 82 (Safety while shooting animals): You might have heard of stories of the photographer who took a lot of risks while getting that great shot; what you would not have heard of are the cases of the photographers who have faced injuries or deadly attacks. Suppose you are tracking an elusive tiger into a wood for a great photo, don’t go until you already know what lies ahead of you. It is the tiger’s domain, not yours.

Tip 83 (Experiment in the zoo): The zoo gives you many opportunities to find a whole range of animals whom you can shoot. You can get some idea of their behavior (even under controlled conditions) and using techniques, make it appear as if they are in their natural habitat.

Tip 84 (Getting rid of the bars in the zoo): Taking photos of wild animals in the zoo can get frustrating because of the bars that prevent taking of good photos. However, if you learn advanced techniques of depth of field and focusing, you can almost make the bars disappear.

Tip 85 (Hunting for cameras that are stealthy): If you shooting an animal who is very senstive to sound, you need a camera that is stealthy. There are cameras where the auto-focus makes a lot of noise, and then there are lenses which are stealthy.

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