November 2008
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5 Photo Tips for 17th November 2008

Tip 86 (Avoiding shiny spots on the image): If you want to avoid the telltale shiny spots of reflection on your photos, you need to keep a lookout when posing your subjects. People should not be near shiny objects, glass, mirrors, etc. If not, then you already have seen photos where the light has reflected off these surfaces and put white hotspots on the picture (and effectively ruining the picture).

Tip 87 (Light points in the frame): If you are trying to shoot balanced photos, then keep a count of all light sources in the frame (and nearby). Even a single light source that is not factored can cause shadows / light distortions in the photo.

Tip 88 (Keeping away from white objects): Most people do not realize that not only light sources need to be tabulated. If you are taking a photo near a white object such as a white wall, or a white car, or something similar, then the light reflected off that object could be a problem as well.

Tip 89 (People wearing glasses): Nowadays, a large number of people wear eye glasses / spectacles. The glass in these can reflect light in many different ways, and even result in color effects due to the refraction of the light into different colors. You should explore getting people to either remove the glasses or tilt their hands slightly down to avoid the reflection.

Tip 90 (Using external flashes): if you have the option, then you should always explore the option of using external flashes or lights in order to get an even light and to avoid shadows.

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