November 2008
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5 photo tips as of 5th November 2008

Tip 76 (Trying to show the scale of objects in an image): When you are shooting landscapes or other similar large objects, something the sheer scale of the objects you are shooting does not come through. Suppose you have some large natural occurring objects, if you place a human being next to the object, and the human being looks very small compared to the object, then the scale comes through nicely.

Tip 77 (Incorporating the weather): Suppose you have set out with all your equipment, all ready to shoot the sunrise in a beautiful location, only to find rain spoiling things; do not lose heart. A photograph can look good in different conditions, and it is very much possible that the softer touch you get when it is raining would create an entirely different, but equally appealing photo.

Tip 78 (Using natural lines): Nature presents many geometrical shapes that we can use to our advantage. Fields or rivers can be show straight lines, clouds and water bodies can represent curves, and so on. You should experiment with shooting some of these geometrical figures present in nature, and make them a part of your shots.

Tip 79 (Shooting falling water): If the light is good, and you are close enough, you can actually get fast shutter speed photos that seem to capture individual water droplets. These look good. On a contrary note, if you want to get a smooth water flow, then you need to use a much slower shutter speed.

Tip 80 (Getting rid of unseemly objects): Watch for unnatural elements such as overhead wires, hydrants, poles and garbage cans, or even pieces of trash, especially in the foreground. If you cannot easily move them, reposition yourself to a camera angle that eliminates them from the frame. Sometimes, while using point and shoot camera, auto-focus will focus on these object and totally ruin the photo.

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