November 2008
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5 Photo Tips as of 18th November 2008

Tip 91 (Using diffusers and reflectors): Many times, if you are using a flash, you would find that the light of the flash is harsh enough to make the whole picture seem very bright. At the same time, the environment is dark enough that you cannot do without a flash. At such points, if you do have access to equipment, then you should be able to use diffusers and reflectors for ensuring that the lights gets diffused and you get a better photo.

Tip 92 (Using a higher ISO to avoid shadows): When you want to avoid shadows (and maybe avoid using a flash), you can actually bump up the ISO of the camera without bringing in too much noise. Upto 400 ISO (800 for better SLR’s) value is good for taking photos and still avoiding noise.

Tip 93 (Using shadows for face photos): Normally, for portraits, you need to avoid shadows on different portions of the face. However, sometimes, you should explore using dark lighting and soft lights when taking photos. Taking a photo of a face, with just a section of the face having a soft light (and the rest in darkness) gives a great effect. You should explore all these effects.

Tip 94 (Correcting light problems through software): Even though you would have taken all the possible efforts to adjust the proper lighting conditions during taking the shot, sometimes manipulation of the lighting during post-processing can help. Using software can help in adjusting the light conditions to the level that you want.

Tip 95 (Adjusting for the LCD): When you view the shot image on the LCD of a digital camera, you need to adjust for the fact that the image you see will be richer and brighter on a LCD than when you actually take it to a computer screen. This is something that you can estimate and factor in your image calculations after observing this for some time on the images you shoot.

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