November 2008
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5 photo tips as of 22 November 2008

Tip 96 (Tones and digital cameras): If you feel worried about some of the tones seen from a photo, then you are correct. Digital cameras can’t record an infinite range of tones; what happens if if the darkest areas of a scene fall below the sensor’s detection threshold, they’re going to record as a solid […]

5 Photo Tips as of 18th November 2008

Tip 91 (Using diffusers and reflectors): Many times, if you are using a flash, you would find that the light of the flash is harsh enough to make the whole picture seem very bright. At the same time, the environment is dark enough that you cannot do without a flash. At such points, if you […]

5 Photo Tips for 17th November 2008

Tip 86 (Avoiding shiny spots on the image): If you want to avoid the telltale shiny spots of reflection on your photos, you need to keep a lookout when posing your subjects. People should not be near shiny objects, glass, mirrors, etc. If not, then you already have seen photos where the light has reflected […]

5 photo tips for photos of animals

Tip 81 (Patience while shooting animals): You need lots of patience while trying to take photographs of animals. This stands whether you need to take photos of domestic animals or of animals in the wild. To repeat, this requires great patience, perseverance and at the least, some understanding of animal behaviour. This helps you predict […]

5 photo tips as of 5th November 2008

Tip 76 (Trying to show the scale of objects in an image): When you are shooting landscapes or other similar large objects, something the sheer scale of the objects you are shooting does not come through. Suppose you have some large natural occurring objects, if you place a human being next to the object, and […]