October 2008
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5 tips while shooting a panorama (contd..)

Tip 61 (Delays while shooting panoramas): When shooting the various images of a panorama, shoot the separate shots fairly quickly, especially if clouds are moving behind your landscape. If you spend too long between shots (especially in a landscape), things can change such as light levels or the weather, involving much more effort in software later for corrections.

Tip 62 (Advanced equipment): If you have advanced equipment, such as the shutter release use it to prevent movement of the camera while shooting the various segments. Even one segment that’s blurry can spoil your panorama.

Tip 63 (Keep the camera level): If you look closely, some tripods have small in built bubble levels that indicate whether the tripod and consequently the camera, are level. If you don’t have this kind of tripod, you may want to buy a little stick-on level at the hardware store and put it on top of your camera.

Tip 64 (Consistent focus): Make sure that your focusing is consistent. If you lock the focus on the foreground in one shot, don’t change your approach and decide to focus on the background in the next segment.

Tip 65 (Moving objects in the panorama): Do your best to prevent having moving objects in the shot. They not only distract from the main objects, but can unknowingly appear in another shot. In addition, moving objects can have an effect on the focus.

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