October 2008
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5 Photo Tips as of 29 September 2008

Tip 26 (Dark Photo): When taking a photo where the photo has turned out dark, if you are able to see the photo in the LCD right away, take another one with the aperture open a bit more, or the shutter speed being a bit slower so that you get a better light balance.

Tip 27 (Photo composition and focused objects): When taking a photo such as this one (link) where the focus is on a particular object (para-gliders), be sure to remove all extraneous objects from the frame. They tend to distract, and should not be there if possible. In this day and age of high mega-pixel cameras, getting rid of objects by cropping the photo should not really decrease the quality of the photo significantly.

Tip 28 (Taking photo of distant object): When trying to take a photo of a distant object, getting the required clarity can be pretty different. Try using the maximum zoom, but the ideal condition is to use a telephoto lens for getting a sharp and clear image.

Tip 29 (beautiful structures and overall light conditions): For taking a photo of a beautiful structure in areas where the sun can be very harsh, the best times to take a photo are early morning before the sun is up in the sky, and evening when the light from the sun does not seem so harsh. These conditions are best for overall light and getting a good color of the sky.

Tip 30 (Using shutter speed to control capture of water movement): When trying to capture shots of moving water, you can either take it in a fluid motion, or try to capture each individual droplet. The camera control that helps in this is the Shutter speed. If you are trying to get the flow of a mountain stream, you can even set the camera on a tripod and take a long exposure shot where the water seems fluid. On the other hand, when trying to capture each individual droplet, you will need to make the shutter speed much faster, and compensate in both cases by varying the opening of the aperture.

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