October 2008
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5 photo tips as of 24 October 2008

Tip 51 (Camera safety in case of rain): While rain can cause great pleasure in a photograph, you need to be sure that the necessary precautions have been taken. Most cameras are not water-proof, and you really need to be sure that you are not exposing your camera to rain water (and that also means that you should avoid dropping you camera inside water).

Tip 52 (Dust protection for cameras): No matter how strong the different camera body components are (including the all important lens), cameras will be subject to damage if they are not protected against dust. If shooting in a dusty environment, would be necessary to clean the camera every day, and use a dust jacket (in most cases, a water proofing jacket will also work).

Tip 53 (Picturizing panoramas): A panorama can look splendid if the location looks great in a 360 degree view. Typical locations that suggest a good panorma include mountains, on bridges, from forts / castles, shores of water bodies, etc. Most people do not even think of panoramas, but you should keep your eyes open to visualize good panoramas.

Tip 54 (Panorama in landscapes): Typically, it is more comfortable to shoot landscape photography in a horizontal setup rather than a vertical setup. Panoramas come out much better if you are shooting in landscape mode, so this makes it more convenient. If you are faced with a wide vista and your camera has a panorama mode, this is the time to select it.

Tip 55 (Creating panoramas in software): You need not have a panorama camera to shoot some great panoramas. What you need to do is to make sure that if your camera has a panorama setting, turn it to that option, shoot the photos while slowly turning around so that it would seem that the camera is rotating, and then stich them together in a software (I use Photoshop Elements for this purpose, but you could use any other software that does this for you).

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