October 2008
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5 photo tips as of 17 October 2008

Tip 41 (Taking photos from different angles): Always explore the angles from which you can take a photo of beautiful structures. It is not always necessary that you take a regular photo like everyone else does, explore a bit, look at the various side including from the bottom, and see whether you can get a good (as well as a unique) view.

Tip 42 (Capturing the twinkle of the sun): Getting a photo of the sun twinkling through a structure (through a tree, around the side of a building, over the edge of a hill, etc) can give a very good effect. However, getting a good view of an exact twinkle requires precise positioning. An attempt to take such a photo is in this link.

Tip 43 (Symmetry while taking a photo): When taking a view of a structure, be sure to maintain a proper symmetry in the framing of the photo. If the photo comes out unsymmetrical without a compelling reason, it can look awkward. Take an example of this photo, where the symmetry just did not come out well (link).

Tip 44 (Rule of Thirds): This is a very popular rule in photography. The basic principle behind the rule of thirds is to think of breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts, sort of like with 2 vertical lines, and 2 horizontal lines. You then place centers of attraction in the photograph along the intersection of one of these grid lines, rather than at the center of the photograph. Read more about it at Wikipedia (link)

Tip 45 (Depth of Field): For a photographer (or anybody using a camera), it is very important to understand the meaning of Depth of Field, and its implications for taking good photos. If you want to have a specific object in sharp focus, with everything else in soft focus (or out of focus), or have objects at varying distances all having sharp focus, you need to understand how to manipulate the depth of field. You can refer to these 2 links for more information (link1, link2)

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