October 2008
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5 photo tips as of 16 October 2008

Tip 36 (Taking photos in the glare of the sun): Taking a photo when you are shooting a subject that is in the full glare of the sun, and your camera is also pointed in such a way that the sun is directly visible from the lens means that you are taking a huge risk that the light of the sun would cast a shadow over everything else, and features of the other objects may not be visible. See whether you can take the photo from an angle.

Tip 37 (Straightening a twisted photo): If you find an image that has come off at a slight angle, do not discard the photo. You can take the photo to regular photo editing softwares such as Photoshop Elements or Picassa or GIMP, and then straighten over there.

Tip 38 (Letting an object fit the frame fully): When taking a photo of a striking object, sometimes it makes sense to let the object fill the frame, seemingly appearing as a massive object. Such a photo can make the object look even more grander.

Tip 39 (Capturing a water ripple on the surface): When taking a photo of water bodies that are stationary, see whether you can get some effects like waiting for the water surface to have a ripple on it. Capturing the interaction between falling water drops and a ripple on the water surface makes for a good photograph.

Tip 40 (Water droplets in front of a building): When capturing an image where you have water drops and a building in the background, the photo can get very appealing if there is a tight focus on the individual water droplets and a soft focus on the building in the background. An attempt was made in this photo, but it did not work out fully as intended (click)

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