October 2008
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5 photo tips as of 13 October 2008

Tip 31 (RAW images): If you are fond of photography and take a lot of nature shots, consider taking photos in RAW. RAW images are the images as captured by the camera without the processing done by the camera to generate the JPEG. A lot of people prefer to work on the RAW image and process the image using software rather than having this done by the camera.

Tip 32 (Images with both foreground and background objects): In a photo where you have both near objects and far objects (buildings), it is hard to get both in focus. You should figure out which is the one that you need to keep in focus. Keep in mind, a foreground object in the frame such as the edges of 2 buildings makes the whole image (and the deeper portions) seem to have much greater depth.

Tip 33 (Railway tracks safety): Sometimes when taking a photo train tracks, the temptation is incredible to stand in the middle of the tracks and take a photo of the parallel tracks. However, this should only be done with the utmost caution, and preferably, not at all.

Tip 34 (Image composition): You are in a place with hills, lakes, buildings, and so on, and you get a strong feeling to capture everything in one photo. However, too many objects in one photo can make it appear crowded, and detract heavily from the beauty of the individual items. Be more selective in deciding on the number of objects in your photo.

Tip 35 (Foreign objects in a photo): When taking a photo of a scenery, try and ensure that difficult structures such as wires, poles, etc are not visible in the frame. They look bad, and reduce the overall beauty of the photo of the structure.

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