October 2008
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5 tips while shooting a panorama (contd..)

Tip 66 (Camera supporting exposure lock): Like many camera functions that are not so easily known, many cameras offer an exposure lock function that is overlooked. An exposure lock function is useful for panoramas. The best way of finding out whether your camera has an exposure lock is to review the manual (you might find […]

5 tips while shooting a panorama (contd..)

Tip 61 (Delays while shooting panoramas): When shooting the various images of a panorama, shoot the separate shots fairly quickly, especially if clouds are moving behind your landscape. If you spend too long between shots (especially in a landscape), things can change such as light levels or the weather, involving much more effort in software […]

5 tips for shooting a great panorama

Tip 56 (Good time to shoot panoramas): Midday isn’t a good time to shoot because it produces harsh shadows, bleached-out highlights and fl at colours.

Tip 57 (Triod during panorama shooting): A sturdy tripod is essential for shooting good (not even great) panoramas. If you handhold your camera, there is a very high chance that […]

5 photo tips as of 24 October 2008

Tip 51 (Camera safety in case of rain): While rain can cause great pleasure in a photograph, you need to be sure that the necessary precautions have been taken. Most cameras are not water-proof, and you really need to be sure that you are not exposing your camera to rain water (and that also means […]

5 photo tips as of 23 October 2008

Tip 46 (Framing): Frame the scene so that it contains an object that will become the center of interest – doing this draws the viewer’s eye to the picture

Tip 47 (Landscape): When you are trying to take a photo of a landscape with a distant horizon, place the horizon a third of the way […]