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Tips of the day for 05 September, 2008

Tip 1: Taking a photo where the sun seems to shine through trees, edges of buildings, like (this photo) takes patience. You need to get into the precise position where the sun appears like this, and need to review the photo you have taken to see whether you are indeed getting the required effect.

Tip 2: For a photo such as this one, you should consider whether you are getting enough light. When everybody is sitting and the background is not moving, you can open the aperture to its maximum and then experiment with the shutter speed. If you are using a digital camera, be sure to view the result before moving on.

Tip 3: For taking photos of structures / buildings such as this one, see whether you can carry a tripod. A tripod allows for a lot of stability, and when things are not moving (such as structures), you can experiment by varying the depth of field. To have a big depth of field, you need to have a small aperture, and also a slow shutter speed (for which hand holding the camera can introduce a shake).

Tip 4: When you are taking a photo of a structure or building such as this one, your image composition is very important. You sure be sure to have the final photo highlight the structures that you want to have in prominence, and if you need to crop your photo, go ahead and do it.

Tip 5: When taking a photo of a beautiful object such a lake, watch out to see whether the setting is entirely natural. It should not happen that there is a great deal of floating rubbish near where you are taking the photo, else the effect will come out very bad.

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