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5 Photo Tips on 11 September 2008

Tip 11: When taking a photo of something majestic like a big tree, be sure that you have framed it properly. Whenever possible, make sure that the photo is not coming out with the tree being skewed, unless that is the angle at which the tree has been growing. And try to make sure that you take the photo when the sun is shining on the tree; the leaves can look very dark if they are in shadow.

Tip 12: When taking a photo of something like this (link), like a para-glider or a person para-sailing, you should make sure that the photo does not look empty (this photo fails in that). If necessary, use an appropriate zoom lens, or crop the photo so that the person does not look like a dot in the sky and instead occupies more space.

Tip 13: When taking photos of such birds and animals, you need to be more patient. Wait for the bird to look up, and preferably take a photo when the bird is looking into the side of the picture where there is more open space.

Tip 14: An interesting effect when a photo of a water stream is being taken is to see if you can get sunshine on it. If you take the photo at sunrise or sunset, there are some interesting light effects that are possible to get.

Tip 15: When taking a photo of a structure that stands alone, such as a grand / beautiful looking house, take care that it is framed in the center of the photo so that the photo can look symmetrical. A photo that comes out symmetrical from the middle can look really beautiful.

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