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5 Photo tips – dated September 07, 2008

Tip 6: Most of the newer range of cameras have an exposure correction meter. You should use this meter to ensure that you are checking the proper exposure levels for your photos, and have a balanced exposure. If the result does not come out right, delete and take another

Tip 7: Keep an eye on the time. If you want to take photos of some good locations, such as sceneries, then keep in mind that many mountains based sceneries are very climate dependent. The weather could change any moment.

Tip 8: When photographing objects through glass (car window / train / others), many times there will be a troubling reflecting in the frame. A good way to try to avoid this is to get the camera as close to the glass as possible, and holding your hand / newspaper / magazine / cloth (anything at all) around the camera so that the reflection on the glass is avoided

Tip 9: When traveling on a fast moving object such as a train, and you are using a digital camera (with its lag between clicking the photo and the actual image being captured), you should be fully aware of the effect of this lag. In simpler words, you should be able to accurately estimate as to how early you should press the photo button so that, even with the time lag, you are able to capture the scenery you want.

Tip 10: Review the photo in this link. This photo could have been a lot better if I had the time to take more shots. However, by now my companions were getting bored wit the frequent stops I was taking for shooting sights. Tip for this kind of photo is that your companions should be sensitized to your eccentricity about taking photos anywhere and anyhow, and if necessary, you should be more clear about this when going anywhere 🙂

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