September 2008
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5 Photo tips as of 19 September 2008

Tip 21 (Shooting distant objects): When taking a photo of a distant object such as far off mountains, make sure that there are no nearby objects coming in the field of view. With many auto-focus cameras, such nearby objects appearing in the field of view can cause the auto-focus to not work as efficiently as it should.

Tip 22 (Shooting animals): When taking a photo of animals, the photo comes out far better if the animal’s eyes are looking towards the camera. Even though in some cases the animal is really not specifically staring at you, to the reader it looks like the animal is looking at them.

Tip 23 (Depth of Field): Trying to take a photo of a long object (like this) is difficult because Depth of Field will make portions of the ship blurred. The only way to get around that is to control the aperture setting: Higher f-stop numbers obtained by using smaller apertures produce deep depth of field.

Tip 24 (Photos of large machines): When taking a photo of a large object such as a train or a ship that take up a significant portion of the photo, make sure that the object is sharply in focus. On the other hand, you can also, when using manual mode, experiment by taking several photos with different aperture and speed settings to get several combinations of depth of focus and soft / sharp effect. Against the water, you might just find that having the reflection in the water (for the ship) may look better than having the actual ship in focus.

Tip 25 (Photo of a stream of water): Taking a photo of a stream of water can be boring. You need to experiment with the settings, the surroundings to see what else can fit in the same frame, maybe there is a beautiful house right next to it, or the shimmer of the sunset over the water, or a group of people walking alongside the water (in silhouette)

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