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5 Photo tips as of 16 September 2008

Tip 16 (Sun burning): Not easy to do, but in areas where the sun can be harsh, it is not easy to take photos without the sun burning everything in the photo. You can either try and recover details using external software such as Photoshop, or you can try and take photo when the sun is not high overhead.

Tip 17 (Composition): Composition is everything in shooting a good photo. When trying to shoot a great looking photo, make sure that you are not trying to cramp too many things in the same photo (if it comes out well, then good; but many times you end up making compromises). Focus on getting a good composition in the photo, and you can always end up taking more photos with the other objects in the neighborhood.

Tip 18 (Tourist Remover): When you have a structure with many tourists in front, and you really desire a shot without so many tourists, take plenty of shots of the structure from the same location, and at different periods of time. Software (such as Adobe’s Photoshop Elements) allows you to remove tourists (if they are present in one photo, and absent in another).

Tip 19 (Taking a photo of a great building): When taking a photo of a structure, take some time to look at the architecture of the structure; look at the lines of the building. Then compose the photo such that you get a photo that looks complete.

Tip 20 (Taking a photo of a structure): When taking a photo of a historical structure such as a photo of the Taj Mahal (where you have the luxury of no major buildings nearby and you can move around a bit), then try to take the photo such that the structure (and its associated gardens / paths, etc) come out symmetrical and in the horizontal structure of the photo. It looks much better that way.

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