September 2008
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5 Photo tips as of 19 September 2008

Tip 21 (Shooting distant objects): When taking a photo of a distant object such as far off mountains, make sure that there are no nearby objects coming in the field of view. With many auto-focus cameras, such nearby objects appearing in the field of view can cause the auto-focus to not work as efficiently as […]

5 Photo tips as of 16 September 2008

Tip 16 (Sun burning): Not easy to do, but in areas where the sun can be harsh, it is not easy to take photos without the sun burning everything in the photo. You can either try and recover details using external software such as Photoshop, or you can try and take photo when the sun […]

5 Photo Tips on 11 September 2008

Tip 11: When taking a photo of something majestic like a big tree, be sure that you have framed it properly. Whenever possible, make sure that the photo is not coming out with the tree being skewed, unless that is the angle at which the tree has been growing. And try to make sure that […]

5 Photo tips – dated September 07, 2008

Tip 6: Most of the newer range of cameras have an exposure correction meter. You should use this meter to ensure that you are checking the proper exposure levels for your photos, and have a balanced exposure. If the result does not come out right, delete and take another

Tip 7: Keep an eye on […]

Tips of the day for 05 September, 2008

Tip 1: Taking a photo where the sun seems to shine through trees, edges of buildings, like (this photo) takes patience. You need to get into the precise position where the sun appears like this, and need to review the photo you have taken to see whether you are indeed getting the required effect.

Tip […]